Cavort With Kitties at Catsbury Park Cat Cafe & Tea House in Asbury Park

Catsbury Park Cafe & Lounge Cafe Area, Photo Courtesy of Catsbury Park Cafe

Are you a cat lover? Looking for a cat fix, or an actual permanent cat companion?

Now you can play with and be entertained by adorable felines at Catsbury Park Cat Café & Tea House in Asbury Park. Catsbury, which opened in September of 2017, serves up delicious human cuisine and the opportunity to commune with kitties. The cafe’s goal is to find permanent homes for their furry residents.

Catsbury Park Cat Cafe & Tea House Cafe Area, Photo Courtesy of Catsbury Park Cafe

Cat Cafes are a relatively new concept in the United States but have existed in Asia for decades. Catsbury Park Café provides a happy and emotionally warm environment for cats and kittens to reside and meet possible adopters without the stress of a frenetic animal shelter atmosphere reverberating with loud barking.

Catsbury takes homeless cats from local animal rescue groups. Ten to fifteen animals are housed in the bright and cheerful cat lounge separated from the cafe area by a safety/washing room. The felines explore, climb, jump, and run on shelves, bridges, and cat structures. The room is also stocked with beds and toys (cat heaven must look just like it). You can observe them through the window and watch their various stages of snoozing, sunning themselves, eating, grooming, and playing.

The Fun And Beautiful Cat Lounge At Catsbury Park Cafe in Asbury Park, Photo Courtesy of Catsbury Park Cafe

To interact with the cats you sign a waiver promising not to wake sleeping cats, not to pick up the kittens (they are likely to come to you if enticed with a treat), not to raise your voice, and not to bring the cats into the café area. To reach the cats, patrons pass through a room which serves to keep the felines from escaping and in which you can wash your hands. You will be given cat treats to attract the felines’ attention once you enter their lair, encouraging them to snuggle and play.

Special events at Catsbury Park Café include cat yoga — where the humans bend and stretch while the cats are welcome to interact or just to observe. Catsbury also hosts parties of up to fifteen people, perfect for animal lovers and children and including a 10% discount on food and beverages plus free cat treats. The people food offerings include delicious sweets and savories including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free fare as well as and tea and other drinks. Catsbury works with a caterer if you want to offer your guests a wider array of food.

Before Catsbury Park Café opened, cats were introduced to potential adopters at Pop Up events in the area. In that tradition, the Inaugural Catsbury Park Cat Convention will take place in the charming and historic Asbury Park Convention Hall on Saturday April 7 and Sunday April 8. Advocates and experts will present seminars and informative sessions. Topics will include rescue, health, behavior, and cat products. Favorite social media felines will be in attendance. Vendors will showcase their kitty products. Check Catsbury’s website, Instagram page, or Facebook page for more information. Catsbury is hoping that this fun event will facilitate many adoptions.

The Café also sells t-shirts and hoodies to raise funds to help with the expenses of caring for the cats. One t-shirt is a Tillie cat face that looks like Asbury’s iconic Tillie the smiling clown mural. You can also purchase hats, tote bags, magnets, mugs, stickers, pins, patches, thermoses, greeting cards (in the Greetings From Asbury Park post card style), The Cat Amazing Cat Treat Toy, and gift cards.

Catsbury Park Cafe & Lounge’s Tillie Shirt, Photo Courtesy of Catsbury Park Cafe

The admittance fee for a 30-minute visit Monday to Thursday is $7 for seniors (over 65), $9 for 16-64 year olds, $7 for children (9-15), and $5 for children 2-8 years old. Children under 2 visit for free. On the weekends seniors pay $9, Adults (16 to 64) pay $11, Kids (9-15) are $9, kids from 2-8 years old are $5. All profits go to caring for the animals.

Catsbury Park Cafe & Cat Lounge
708 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park NJ