The Cons and Pros of Hoboken’s SantaCon

Question: How many Santas can you cram into Mile Square City?

Answer: Head to Ho-Ho-Hoboken SantaCon on Saturday, December 16 and start taking a tally.

Beginning at 11 a.m., thousands of revelers dressed as Santa and other curious Christmas characters will commence their annual “crawl” through the streets and bars of Hoboken.

The crawl has featured more than a few inebriated Kris Kringles. Tonya Czerwinski Schwartz, who has lived in Hoboken for eight years, recalled having to do a lot of explaining to her daughter. “When she was little, it was hard to explain to her why there were thousands of stumbling santas all over the streets,” she said. “As she got older, she realized it’s because all of those stumbling santas are wasted. I honestly don’t know how she still believes in Santa Claus.”

But the Ho-Ho-Hoboken SantaCon organizers don’t want you to think it’s all about the alcohol. “There will be an option to yet again make a donation to charity so please be on the lookout for further details,” the SantaCon page notes. “This event was created in order to spread holiday season cheer – so be thoughtful of your community and fellow person.”

Photo via Hoboken SantaCon Facebook

On January 2, 2016, Ho-Ho-Hoboken SantaCon posted: “Happy New Year! We want to thank you, as does The Boys & Girls Clubs of Hudson County, for your participation in Ho-Ho-Hoboken SantaCon 2015. Our donation of over $30,000 (over half of the proceeds from the event) is going to a fantastic cause and organization.”

However, some city residents aren’t convinced of the good cheer. “SantaCon has nothing to do with spreading joy,” added Czerwinski Schwartz. “It seems to be about confusing children about Santa Claus.”

NJ Transit announced that “on Saturday, December 16 to early morning Sunday, December 17, all beverages will NOT be permitted on all NJ TRANSIT trains, light rail vehicles and buses during the annual SantaCon festival taking place in Hoboken (December 16).”

Visit the Ho-Ho-Hoboken SantaCon event page for further information.