Eat Drink Jersey: If You Love Barbecue, Try These 5 Wines

Barbecue on its own is pretty delicious, but if you’re craving thirst-quenching beverages that enhance your meal, look no further. Hank Zona of “The Grapes Unwrapped” recommends the perfect wines to pair with smokey staples.

Zona and Mike Paras, who films the video series ‘Hank’s Wine Shorts’, visited Kearny’s Red, White & Que Smokehouse, a BYO, and shared which wines stand up to classic Southern barbecue.

As Zona notes, beer is often the elixir of choice when feasting on ribs, chicken, brisket and more. While the grape expert also enjoys bourbon-based beverages, which he calls “a natural fit,” he stands by his usual philosophy: “Drink what you like.” If wine is your pick but you’ve struggled to figure out which varietals work with your barbecue favorites, check out Zona’s suggestions.

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