Eat Drink Jersey: Wine Expert Hank Zona Talks Key Wine Terms You Should Know

Whether you’re a novice wine drinker or a longtime connoisseur, chances are there may be some terms within the wine lexicon that elude you. Hank Zona, founder of “The Grapes Unwrapped,” comes to the rescue of budding oenophiles by defining those often-confusing descriptors.

Zona explains that Mike Paras, who films the series ‘Hank’s Wine Shorts’, came up with the clever concept. The duo partnered with Denise Petti, a southern New Jersey real estate agent and marketing professional who has some acting experience, to help out those who may feel lost in the sauce.

If you’ve ever found yourself sipping and trying to understand talk of “terroir, tannic, nose bouquet, and varietal characteristics,” you’ll raise a glass to this video for sure.

Wine Terms Demystified! from Michael Paras Photography, LLC on Vimeo.

Eager to learn more about the language of vino?

“We would love to continue it, maybe with someone French speaking to do French wine phrases and Italian speaking to do Italian wine phrases and so on,” Zona explains. “Like anything, we try to make it fun and accessible while telling good stories.There is no snob appeal in this. It’s about the joy of food and wine and the social and personal and connective aspects of it.”

We’ll drink to that!

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