From Chatham Players:

Presented One-Act Plays are:

  • Meet Millie by Amanda Sage Comerford, Directed by Karen Thornton.
    Millie, eager yet unsure in her new job as a real estate agent, prepares for her first open house. However, when her parents show up to cheer her on, Millie’s day take a hilarious turn.
  • A Visit in the Afternoon by Fred Dennehy, Directed by John A.C. Kennedy.
    A dying man insists on one last visit with his granddaughter, to share a story, a secret, and an unexpected responsibility.
  • Infinite by Jackie Jacobi, Directed by Julie Anne Nolan.
    The story of a couple in their late 30s who are staring, side-by-side, into the infinite possibilities life provides in those moments between knowing and not knowing.
  • Rearranging the Ham by Eleanor Kennedy, Directed by Arnold Buchaine.
    A 60 something husband and wife coping with one of life’s most difficult situations.
  • On Pause by Lauri MacMillan, Directed by Roseann Ruggiero.
    While a mother and son play a video game, it turns out it is more than winning at the game that is at stake.  A bonding occurs as each reveals their strengths and weaknesses and not just in the game…
  • Chair Dancing by Steve Ruskin, Directed by Joann Scanlon.
    A feisty “older” woman struggling with physical challenges from a stroke works with a physical therapist who knows how to challenge/encourage his patient and bring back the sparkle and enthusiasm she thought she had lost.

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