From Yes, Chef:

Yes, Chef is a pop up supper club BUT our events are called “dinner parties” as we create a more intimate ambiance with a smaller amount of guests who attend for the evening. We set our tables communal style to invoke networking and community amongst our new friends! Every month our events are themed differently; so we create meals that are seasonal, showcasing fellow entrepreneurs (small business owners) in their talents or places of business to promote community and we always have LIVE entertainment for all of our enjoyment! Our goal is to really create a one of a kind experience that will stay with you always and have you wanting to experience our totally new event the very next month with us again!

The month of March, as we all know, is a salute to the Irish and we at Yes, Chef thought what a better way to honor them then to recreate some of their traditionally Irish meals. We will also get to enjoy a LIVE lyrical performance of traditional Irish tunes by @Melody _M_Cruz AND a small bonus is our guests get to actually chat/dine with the Chef who creates the entire experience for them. It’s truly the most socially interactive dinner you have ever have!
We look forward to hosting you!

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