From Zeppelin Hall:

Zeppelin Hall (88 Liberty View Dr.) is hosting BaconFest from Sunday, January 11th – Monday, January 27th with Executive Chef Franco Robazetti serving up 20 bacon filled dishes including one that earned him the 1st place prize at last year’s Bacon and Beer Classic.

Dishes include Bacon Lasagna for $16, the only lasagna where pasta is just a garnish with layers of pasta, ground beef, pork sausage, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and sheets of Applewood bacon. The Bacon Shrimp on the Barbie for $15 with six grilled jumbo shrimp wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon served with creamy chipotle sauce and the 2019 Jersey City Bacon and Beer Classic Champion dish – Bacon Sliders for $11 featuring six thick cut bacon sliders with tomato, fresh baby arugula and chipotle mayo sauce. 

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