From SOMA Cross Cultural Works:

Join us in celebrating the Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month at HAPI Fest NJ 2019. A free, family-friendly community celebration, HAPI Fest NJ will feature food, music, dance, interactive children’s workshops and activities.

SOMA Cross-Cultural Works, the non-profit organization behind the highly successful cultural festivals, Diwali Fest NJ, Lunar Fest NJ and Hola Fest NJ, is proud to partner once again with the Township of Maplewood and volunteers from South Orange and Maplewood, to create an exciting free multi-cultural event for our community. HAPI Fest NJ is at its heart about honoring the long, rich cultural traditions of Asia and the Pacific Islands and providing an opportunity for all to enjoy and celebrate together as friends and neighbors.

HAPI Fest NJ will be able to show the diversity of cultures, with performances such as:

– Hula and Tahitian dances by Aloha Hula NYC
– Shadow puppets by Chinese Theatre Works
– Rondalla and ukulele musical ensembles from University of the Philippines Alumni & Friends Rondalla and the local In Tune of Maplewood
– Martial arts including our local Maplewood Karate, Integrated Martial Arts and more.

Given the appetite for global cultures in our communities, HAPI Fest NJ is unique in its emphasis on multi-cultural aspects and will attract visitors far and wide, from central and northern New Jersey.

SOMA Cross Cultural Works is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of volunteers whose mission is to celebrate the cultural diversity of our community through education and support of artistic and cultural events. In addition to organizing free cultural festivals, its initiatives include partnering with the local elementary school and public libraries, supporting local cultural events such as a Holi celebration, movie screenings and more.

Insights from the SOMA Cross Cultural Works festivals: Diwali Fest NJ, Lunar Fest NJ and Hola Fest NJ:
– Each festival was attended by over 2,000 people
– Facebook posts reached over 70,000 people in North Jersey

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Emni Mar, Festival Director, HAPI Fest NJ
Ommer Khaw, Executive Director, SOMA Cross Cultural Works

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