From Out & Active, LGBT Meetup in North Jersey:

Join Out & Active at North Jersey’s LGBT bar, Club Feathers on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Cover charge: approximately $10

Free Parking (across the street):

114 Grand Ave
River Edge, NJ 07661
(NJ Transit New Bridge Landing Parking Lot)

Our plan is to arrive at 9pm so our group has time to meet while the bar is still empty. [Note: the venue doesn’t open until 9]

Feel free to get a drink, or grab a seat and some food and meet others. If you get there early, our group will be downstairs. Around 9:45 everyone has the option of choosing between the two floors of the bar and enjoying the rest of the night.

You are welcome to arrive any time after 9. If you arrive after 945, don’t worry! You can use “are you with the meetup?” as an ice breaker.

Feathers’ will likely have an event going on this evening as well (last year it was traffic light themed). We will update this description as the club provides details.

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