Girls’ Night Out in Downtown Somerville Is a Celebration of Women Held May 17

Somerville, New Jersey

From Downtown Somerville:

At a time when many women around the country haven’t felt appreciated, females in the area are set to receive plenty of recognition and relaxation from Downtown Somerville businesses at the 3rd annual Girls’ Night Out: an evening of entertainment, dining and shopping experiences designed specifically with women in mind taking place Thursday, May 17 from 5 to 10 p.m.

This year, the commitment to celebrating women in the community goes even further. A portion of each ticket sale is donated to Safe+Sound Somerset, a charity that empowers survivors of domestic abuse and engages the community to break the cycle of violence. The event is held on May 17.

Somerville, New Jersey

Women from all walks of life have felt important and excited at the event for the past 2 years. “It was like being a kid again, knowing that everything there was just for you” said Ann Spolarich, a guest at last year’s event. “I’ve shopped Main Street a lot over my 20 years in town, but with all of the women carrying the gift handbags they received and all of the big stickers on the ground that said ‘Girls’ Night Out,’ it felt special to be there on that night.” For Spolarich, the event was memorable as a shared experience with her daughter, who was heading off to college. “I didn’t have to feel guilty, it didn’t take away from family time. It was an evening set aside for just us to spend together.”

Others came with friends or coworkers to have fun, bond over dinner and drinks, and get to know shop owners and service providers that share their values and give back to the community. “Girls’ Night Out is special because it allows us to interact with new clients and make them feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside. That’s our business mission!” said Kristen Reed, co-owner of Saffire Salon. “Our clientele is mostly women, and the event gives us the opportunity for our business to grow while having fun with them” added Gina Garrison, her business partner.

Somerville, New Jersey

“At Girls’ Night Out, women feel confident, comfortable, and energized” said Beth Anne Macdonald, the executive director of the Downtown Somerville Alliance, the organization responsible for hosting the event. “From the red carpet photobooth to the curated experiences that the businesses present to the fortune-teller that specializes in empowering and upbeat readings, everything contributes to the overall feeling of positivity and optimism. Partnering with Safe+Sound Somerset helps share those feelings with members of the community who might not otherwise be experiencing them. It’s the perfect way to broaden the impact of the event beyond a single night.” Kristen Cantwell, director of development for Safe+Sound Somerset, agreed that the partnership was natural. According to Cantwell, “Every survivor we help is a result of support from the community. Changing, and sometimes saving, people’s lives takes thousands of hours of volunteerism, from the support hotline to the response teams that meet survivors at police stations.” So, a donation from an event geared towards women in the local community is especially fitting.  

Somerville, New Jersey

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