Jazz Violinist Regina Carter Pays Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald on March 23 at SOPAC

Jazz Violinist Regina Carter Pays Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald March 23 at SOPAC.

South Orange Performing Arts Center is proud to present jazz violinist Regina Carter in Simply Ella, a tribute to the sublime Ella Fitzgerald, on Friday, March 23 at 8 p.m. A hundred years after her birth, the ever-eloquent Ella Fitzgerald continues to teach us lessons. Regina Carter has chosen this moment to celebrate the First Lady of Song’s infectious and inclusive artistry with unabashed joy.

Jazz Violinist Regina Carter Pays Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald March 23 at SOPAC.

For Sony Masterworks artist Regina Carter, the violin isn’t simply an improvisational vehicle; it’s a passport to unexpected realms. Her quest for beauty combined with her passion for excellence did not escape the attention of the MacArthur Foundation, which awarded Regina their prestigious MacArthur fellowship “genius grant.” Regina Carter’s musical journey has always taken her to deeply personal spaces, and inspiration has come through her family, her roots and her love of Jazz.

“Ms. Carter is widely considered the finest jazz violinist of her generation, a hard-charging soloist whose precisely focused tone and graceful way with a ballad hint at her long years of classical training.” The New York Times

Regina Carter explains her deep connection to Ella’s music, an influence Regina has cherished throughout her life, “Growing up in Detroit, there was always music playing in our home. While there was a variety of music I enjoyed, there were a few artists I found consistently captivating—Ella Fitzgerald was one of these exceptions. To this very day, whenever I hear an Ella recording it grabs me at my core. I’m entranced by her voice, her melodic improvisations and the passion and artfulness with which Ella sings a song. In a word, Ella is sublime, and she is at the top of my go-to list when learning a Jazz tune. I’m so excited to celebrate Ella Fitzgerald, an artist who has meant so much to all the notes in my musical life.”

SOPAC audiences will find that Regina Carter’s Simply Ella will be an event that can’t be missed, and a Jazz performance to be long remembered.

Regina Carter will grace the SOPAC stage on Friday, March 23 at 8PM. Tickets are $35-$48 and are on sale online at http://www.sopacnow.org/regina-carter or by calling the box office at (973) 313-2787.