Did The Misfits Just Tease a Jersey Show?

Sometimes, it’s hard not to read into symbols. And when they’re as promising as the possibility of one of the most influential bands in rock history reuniting and playing their home state, your wheels start spinning.

On Friday, January 26, concert promoter Live Nation NYC tweeted out the Misfits logo in the shape of New Jersey with the hashtag “All Hell Breaks Loose.”

As of now, no futher details have been released or confirmed about an actual Misfits show.

Founded in Lodi in 1977, The Misfits lineup features original members Glenn Danzig, guitarist Doyle (or Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein if you’d like to be formal) and bassist Jerry Only. The band has played recent shows with guitarist Acey Slade and drummer Dave Lombardo.

In 2016, Glenn Danzig reunited with his founding bandmates for the first time in 33 years for two shows in Chicago and Denver for Riotfest.

They subsequently scheduled and performed two more shows at the end of 2017. They played Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 28 and The Forum in Los Angeles on December 30. The 16,000-seat Forum sold out in under a minute.


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Considered touchstones of the 1980s hardcore punk movement, the band incorporated horror imagery into their performances and sound. After the band officially split up in 1983, Glenn Danzig would form the band Samhain which later morphed into the band Danzig. While the Misfits released only two albums — “Walk Among Us” (1982) and “Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood” (1983) — they influenced bands such as Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and many more.

In a reader’s poll on best punk bands, Rolling Stone magazine wrote, “They seemed designed to shock parents, with lyrics about brutal murder and songs played at speeds that would probably have stunned even the Ramones. The group was so shocking that no record company agreed to release their first two albums, and they didn’t manage to get an LP in stores until 1982’s ‘Walk Among Us’.”

We’ll update you with further information as details become available.