New App for Jersey City Will Aid in Beautifying, Maintaining Public Spaces

Committed to the beautification and maintenance of Jersey City, Commercial District Services, LLC (CDS), announced the official launch of the Commercial District Systems Mobile App. This new mobile data collection platform allows the CDS team to collect pictures and data about the projects they’re working on in the more than 20 Business Improvement Districts that CDS serves. 

On their new App, CDS President & CEO, Chris Bernardo said, “The ability to demonstrate measurable results and capture critical data has always been an elusive goal of Business Improvement Districts in New Jersey. With this app we’re able to help downtowns track and prioritize the challenges their revitalization efforts are facing.”

The Commercial District Systems App collects data on various projects and tasks as defined by the downtown’s needs. These data points include: number of waste bags removed, graffiti removal projects, repainted light poles, utility boxes and fire hydrants, interactions with the at-risk population, illegal signage removal, check-ins at local hotspots or problematic areas for quality of life issues and many other data points.

The data collected by the team in the field is able to give downtowns a true understanding of challenges they face by tracking the issues over time and working with local officials to create remedies. On average, 1000 interactions and reports are completed by the CDS team monthly. 

What truly makes the Commercial District Systems App unique is that the CDS team works closely with downtowns to custom build categories to meet their needs. Whether that’s logging the time that a park is opened and closed each day on the Hudson River waterfront or making sure Military Park keeps all it’s tables and chairs at the end of the night. CDS Director of Technology/in-house mobile app designer, Steve Hillyer, is constantly working with teams in the field to make improvements and updates on the spot so that work never slows and information is always collected.