Newark Comes Alive with Cruise Nights, Flea Markets — and a Car Show Sept. 9!

Car Show

Newark is hot — and not just because of the recent weather!

New Jersey’s biggest city is booming, which is no surprise because of its great, vibrant neighborhoods. One prime area is Mt. Prospect Avenue in the North Ward, which boasts thriving shops and restaurants, high rise towers with stunning views of Manhattan, a magnificent cathedral, the stately homes of Forest Hill, and Branch Brook Park, 360 beautiful acres with its famous cherry blossoms and a trout-stocked lake right in the middle of the city.

Located at the highest point on the ridge between the Passaic River and Branch Brook Park and extending from Bloomfield Avenue to the Belleville border, Mt. Prospect has much to offer both residents and visitors.

On Sunday, September 9, the sixth annual Mt. Prospect Avenue Car Show takes place from 11am to 4pm, with over 200 classic automobiles that can be ogled. Don’t miss it! Get your tickets now.

The Mount Prospect Partnership, which is working with the business community to revitalize the North Ward, is the engine behind upcoming events that bring neighbors and visitors to the vibrant area. According to its Senior Project Manager, Steve Hillyer, “Mount Prospect is perfectly located, a quiet distance away from Downtown and nestled right up against Branch Brook Park.”

There’s some new cultural life on the already lively street, including three events centered on a big empty lot (870-878 Mount Prospect Avenue) next to the Pueblo Market. Cruise Nights are a must for classic car lovers. Proud owners pull their mint-condition beauties into the lot and line them up to be admired every Thursday night from 6 to 9pm.

Many have their hoods open and their spotless engines gleam with pre-computerized precision, (if you miss distributor caps, come on down.) There was a gorgeous 1957 Chevy Impala I was tempted to take for a spin. There’s music and there will be food soon.

There will be be live music and food trucks on the avenue between Heller Parkway and Delevan Avenue. In the meantime you can check out neighborhood favorite, Omar’s (646 Mount Prospect Avenue) for spectacular Cuban favorites like Cuban sandwiches (pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickle on buttery bread) and authentic Café Con Leche.

Starting Sunday, July 8 and continuing through November, “The Lot” (870-878 Mt. Prospect Ave), will house a flea market (there are none in the area). The blocks between Mount Prospect Avenue and Branch Brook Park belong to historic Forest Hill, a tree-laden neighborhood of about 1200 homes, many of them mansions. One of the first ones built was for Louis Tiffany, yes that Tiffany on Delevan Avenue. 

“The flea market is the first within the Mt. Prospect Avenue commercial corridor although there are a few other ones in the North Ward,” explained Hillyer. “We’re excited about the Flea Market because it is activating a space that has previously sat vacant or been an eyesore for the community with tractor trailers parked there. This new use of the space we’re affectionately referring to as ‘The Lot’ is designed to help draw North Ward residents and also introduce the neighbors from bordering towns to Mt. Prospect Ave. The avenue is home to many businesses and serves as a main commercial corridor for the North Ward so it makes sense for us to activate this gateway to our community.”

These are just a few of the surprises offered by historic North Newark, a neighborhood that combines urban grit and energy, a diverse population, quiet stately homes and gorgeous greenery.