The Juice House: Fresh, Healthy Food to Put a Spring in Your Step

As spring is (finally!) on the horizon, many of us start to think about saying good-bye to comfort food and hello to lighter, fresh fare that makes us feel fantastic. But for Arielle Cassidy, owner of The Juice House, eating well is a year-round passion and one that she embraced from an early age.

Arielle Cassidy has received a warm welcome in New Providence, where she opened her second location of The Juice House.

“Growing up, my mom was overweight and my father passed away when I was very young,” she said. “I have three older sisters and I was very into sports while my sisters were more into theater clubs. We decided that we needed to be healthier, lose a few pounds, and find a better balance and that’s how I became interested in nutrition. People have always asked me for advice and I’ve been really into it, even in high school.”

Cassidy took her love of sports and eating eating to the next level when she went to college to study both, majoring in exercise physiology and minoring in nutrition. Post college, she worked at Equinox as a personal trainer but once again found herself focusing on the importance of eating well and fueling the body with natural foods. While earning a masters degree in nutrition, she continued to use her knowledge to help others reach their fitness and wellness goals.

At the age of 22, Cassidy decided to pursue her dream of offering healthy options that appeal to any diet to the masses. She opened The Juice House in her hometown of Garwood and created a fresh and flavorful menu featuring smoothies, juices, bowls and nutritious, all-natural “shots” aimed at boosting energy, metabolism, or detoxification.

The entrepreneur recently opened the second full-time location in New Providence, which she explains happened almost by accident.

The Juice House has locations in Garwood and New Providence as well as a summer pop-up in Beach Haven.

“I hadn’t really thought of expanding but I had the chance to open a pop-up shop at the beach and someone came in who really liked the idea and told me about the open spot in New Providence. So I decided to go for it,” she said.

Though her second Union County shop has only been open since February, so far, Cassidy has been delighted by the warm welcome she’s received from New Providence residents and those in surrounding area who’ve visited and tried her super-fresh offerings.

“We have options available to accommodate every type of dietary lifestyle,” said the business owner. “While this is a specific type of menu, when you’re in business, you have to be realistic and have options. Though you might eat one way today, the next you might feel like the opposite. People know they can come here and choose from the menu and still get something that’s fun but healthy.”

The Juice House strives to appeal to every palate

Cassidy said by making dietary changes and walking, her mom has lost over 150 pounds. She noted that when she and her family dine out, they have many different preferences, which often makes it difficult to find a destination that accommodates their diverse appetites.

“I thought it would be so cool to open a place where people don’t have to think twice,” Cassidy said. “You can come in and eat super clean and healthy or be a little more indulgent.”

The menu’s most popular items include:

Make It Klap: Kale, Lemon, Apple, Pineapple,
Create Your Own: 5 Fruits or Vegetables of Your Choice

Restoration: Berries (straw, blue, rasp), Acai, Maqui, Banana, Honey, Vanilla Coconut Milk

Acai Bowls – (16 & 32 oz.)
Frozen Acai‏ layered with rawnola and assorted toppings, with a choice of honey or agave.

The Juice House opened at 1280 Springfield Avenue in New Providence.

Cassidy said she is in the process of starting a food truck to bring The Juice House offerings to a larger audience. The business owner also takes pride in helping customers and training her staff so they can answer questions about the benefits of healthy eating.

“I try to educate my staff as much as possible,” she said. “If anyone ever has nutritional questions, dietary needs or even wants to learn more about eating while facing severe illnesses like celiac or while they’re going through chemo, with my education and my background, I’m happy to guide them.”


510 North Avenue Garwood – 07027

Phone: (908)232-1377

1280 Springfield Avenue – New Providence