Unique Farm-To-Table Dining Experience July 18 in South Orange

Unique Farm-To-Table Dining Experience July 18 in South Orange

From The Field Kitchen:

Join Farm & Fork Society, SOMA Brewing Company, and The Fox &  Falcon on July 18th from 5:30 to 8 PM at the first ever, The Field Kitchen @ Floods Hill. This unique dining event will bring dozens of area residents to feast under the stars at one long table at the base of Floods Hill in South Orange, NJ. The meal will feature locally sourced sustainably grown and ethically harvested produce and meats. Chef Matt Ruzga from South Orange’sThe Fox & Falcon is creating a one-time only menu based on the freshest, most season produce and meats from local farms. This one-in-a-lifetime meal will also feature brews from SOMA Brewing Company and organic biodynamic wines. The meal will be cooked in an outdoor kitchen, and the process will be viewable by attendees.  

Tickets to the event cost $100 per person, and all the money generated will be used to purchase produce from the farmers participating in the event and donated to MEND NJ’s food pantries feeding New Jersey’s most food insecure residents.

The event was conceived by Farm & Fork Society founder, Melissa Goldberg who said, “Dining among friends, family and neighbors is the most communal event you can experience. SOMA Brewing Company, The Fox & Falcon and I want to bring a truly communal event to the area, and allow Chef Matt to use the best, organic and sustainable seasonal food to feed us all.” Goldberg continued, “The money raised will feed our friends and neighbors who are struggling. Unlike other food programs, we will be purchasing from organic and sustainable farmers. Doing so will support local, family farms while providing the most nutritious food to those who don’t have access to it.”

Farnaz Heydt Co-Owner of SOMA Brewing Company said, “Pairing craft beer with beautiful sustainable food was something I envisioned for this event, immediately I knew that Floods Hill was our location to bring the event to life, it’s just so magnificent.” 

“We consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to open The Fox & Falcon in such an amazing community. We feel it’s only natural and actually an honor to be able to give back to our neighbors, especially those in need,” stated David Massoni, owner The Fox & Falcon.

The Field Kitchen is designed to highlight locally grown food, purveyors and business to create a shared of sense of community. The event would not be possible without the donations from Circle Brook Farm, River Bend Farm, PK’s Four Brothers Farm, Jersey Girl Cheese, The Foraged Feast, Coeur et Sol Urban Farm, Hepworth Farms, River Valley Community Grains, Liv Bread, SOMA Brewing Company, SOLAIR Selections, Wildly Flowers, a_db botanical color, Mark Murphy’s Music, The Baird Community Center, Java Compost, Franks Tree Service, and Farm & Fork Society.

The Field Kitchen will make every effort to make minimal impact on our environment. Dinner courses will include all parts of produce leaving zero waste, all tableware will be borrowed, repurposed, or up-cycled. Tablecloths will be naturally dyed from food waste, flowers and natural plant extracts and meal scraps will be composted. 

To purchase tickets or make a donation, visit the website.