Vinyl is Not Dead, at Least Not in Jersey: 20 Independent Record Stores You Want to Visit

Vinyl Records, Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

High Fidelity! Remember wandering through a record store flipping through vinyl and treating yourself to an album? Now we download music online and buy the occasional CD. Having all your favorite songs on your playlist is fabulous, but there’s nothing akin to the analog pleasure of searching for old vinyl treasures.

Believe it or not, New Jersey is home to a slew of well-curated, independent record stores that still sell albums; many will also buy albums if you’re finally ready to part with yours.

Musical technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades, but the sensation of an old-fashioned record evokes memories and you can feel the sound vibration as the needle touches down on the vinyl.

Here’s New Jersey Next’s list:

Northern Jersey

Flipside 2 in Pompton Lakes, Photo Courtesy of Flipside 2

Flipside 2 Records is in Pompton Lakes. Per their website, Flipside 2 has “more records (vinyl!) than you’ll ever need, including 45s, LPs , etc. [Also] phonograph needles, belts, and even the occasional turntable. CDs, cassettes, 8-track tapes, posters, trinkets, baubles, and other irrelevant junk.” (973) 835-8448 – 120 Wanaque Avenue.

Iris Records in Jersey City, Photo Courtesy of Iris Records

Iris Records in Jersey City opened in 1996 in a 1930s pharmacy and was named after the owner’s brother’s cat. They purchase records, CDs, and the occasional DVD or book. They are mostly interested in Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and 12” dance records. (201) 222-9515 -114 Brunswick Street. (Between1st & 2nd St.).

Montclair Book Center In Montclair, Photo Courtesy of Montclair Book Center

Montclair Book Center in Montclair has a huge selection of books, but the lower level is bursting with vinyl and music CDs. Pet-friendly. (973) 783-3630 – 221 Glenridge Avenue.

Music Connection In Elmwood, Photo Courtesy of Music Connection

Music Connection in Elmwood Park has lots of vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and fun shirts. (201) 797-5212 – 12 Summit Avenue.

Music Merchant in Westwood, Photo Courtesy of Music Merchant

Music Merchant in Westwood opened in 1979. They have a huge selection of records. (201) 666-7777 – 157 Westwood Avenue.

Record King in Hackensack, Photo Courtesy of Record King

Record King in Hackensack is a vinyl record specialist carrying 45’s, LPs, CDs, and collectibles. They also have replacement needles. Record King buys and sells records. (201) 488-4232 – 303 Main Street.

Scotti’s Records in Summit, Photo Courtesy of Scotti’s Records

Scotti’s Record Shop in Summit was founded in 1956 and their website says they are the oldest independent music store in the country. They purchase, sell, and even trade vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, LPs, and 45s. Scotti’s also carries headphones, speakers, turntables, and more audio equipment. (908) 277-3893 – 351 Springfield Avenue.

Sound Exchange in Wayne, Photo Courtesy of Sound Exchange

Sound Exchange in Wayne is overflowing with treasures and rarities. (973) 694-6049 – 1482 State Highway No 23.

Tunes in Hoboken, Photo Courtesy of Tunes

Tunes in Hoboken purchases CDs, DVDs, video games and systems, vinyl LPS, iPhones and Samsung smartphones, iPads, iPad minis, tablets, laptops, and guitars. (201) 653-3355 – 225 Washington Street.

Central Jersey

Curi-Oddities in Tom’s River, Photo Courtesy of Curi-Oddities

Curi-Oddities in Tom’s River offers much more than just vinyl. Their inventory consists of “freak antiques” as well as “morbid and obscure” items and gifts. They also have Vintage, Retro, Punk/Rock clothing, Vinyl records, horror-related items, eccentric jewelry, taxidermy, animal bones, and bone jewelry. (732) 581-7780 – 1776 Hooper Avenue.

Jack’s Music Shoppe in Red Bank, Photo Courtesy of Jack’s Music Shoppe

Jack’s Music Shoppe in Red Bank The Boss himself has been known to peruse the shelves of Jack’s. In addition to CDs, DVDs, instruments, sheet music, and turntable needles, Jack’s carries Stone Pony merchandise. (732) 842-0731 – 30 Broad Street.

Lofidelic Records in Manasquan, Photo Courtesy of Lofidelic Records

Lofidelic Records in Manasquan has been collecting vinyl since the 1980s and have a great collection including many 45s. (732) 722-7882 – 75 Main Street Suite 1.

Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, Photo Courtesy of Princeton Record Exchange

Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton has been in business since 1980. They have over 100,000 LPs, CDs, and DVDs in inventory. They purchase Classic rock, Modern rock, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, Psych, Punk, Classical, Metal, and Soul. (609) 921-0881 – 20 S. Tulane Street.

The Record Store in Howell, Photo Courtesy of The Record Store

The Record Store in Howell opened in 1988. They specialize in new and used vinyl, rare items, t-shirts, books, figures, and comics. (732) 905-9056 – 6299 Rt. 9 North.

Spina Records in New Brunswick, Photo Courtesy of Spina Records

Spina Records in New Brunswick opened in 2014. They buy and sell Punk, Jazz, Classic rock, Blues, World, Country, and Funk. They also have some antiques and vintage décor. (732) 543-0642 – 118 Easton Ave.

Tunes in Marlton sells vinyl and purchases CDs, DVDs, video games and systems, vinyl LPS, iPhones and Samsung smartphones, iPads, iPad minis, tablets, laptops, and guitars. Rock, Alternative, and Soul. (856) 983-2566 – 910 Greentree Square Rt 73 North.

Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords, Photo Courtesy of Vintage Vinyl Records

Vintage Vinyl Records in Fords opened in 1979. They host live music concerts and also purchase records from the 1950s to present. Some of the genres they specialize in include Punk, Hardcore, Progressive, Metal, and Alternative rock. They also have classic rock albums. (732) 225-7717 – 51 Lafayatte Road.

Southern Jersey

Tunes in Voorhees purchases CDs, DVDs, video games and systems, vinyl LPS, iPhones and Samsung smartphones, iPads, iPad minis, tablets, laptops, and guitars. (856) 782-3733 – 910 County Rte 561.

Record Collector in Bordentown, Photo Courtesy of Record Collector

The Record Collector in Bordentown offers an “immense selection of new, used, rare, and collectible music in all formats.” The Record Collector has been in business for over 25 years. They will purchase Heavy Metal, Punk, Classic Rock, and Jazz, (Original Blue Note, Prestige, Savoy, Contemporary label, etc.), 1960s Garage, Progressive Rock, and Surf. They also host live concerts. (609) 324-0880 – 358 Farnsworth Avenue.

Albums at Inner Groove in Collingswood, Photo Courtesy of Inner Groove

Inner Groove Collingswood carries old and new vinyl albums as well as turntables and audiophile accessories. (609) 442-8509 – 798 Haddon Avenue.

Record Museum in West Berlin, Photo Courtesy of Record Museum

Record Museum in West Berlin sells all genres of music from the “most popular to the unusual.” Rock, Blues, Jazz, Motown, C&W, 33 rpm singles, Hip-Hop, Demos, Promos, Divas, Crooners, Novelty, Radio, Comedy, Children’s, Sound Effects, Test Pressings, R&B, Soul, Soundtracks. They also buy records. (609) 254-9724 – Route. 73 at 110 Cushman Avenue.

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