Celebrate Christmas at Newark’s Astonishing Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

It’s the fifth largest cathedral in the United States, a New Jersey Historic Landmark and a National Historic Site.

It’s taller than Notre Dame de Paris (233′ compared to Notre Dame’s 226′) and is bigger than Westminster Abbey (45,000 sf compared to 31,990 ft).

It is adorned outside with beautiful French Gothic Revival architecture replete with stone carvings. Inside, beautiful wood paneling, marble features and stained glass windows inspire awe.

And it is inches from beautiful Branch Brook Park.

Finally it has the largest pipe organ ever built by the Schantz Organ Co. which includes 154 stops playable from two consoles.

If you haven’t visited yet, now is the perfect time. The cathedral basilica will host a Misa de Navidad en la Noche at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24, a Solemn Christmas Mass in English at Midnight, a Misa Solemne de Navidad  at 10 am. and a Solemn Christmas Mass at noon on December 25.

Sacred Heart