‘I Knew George Washington’ Reading Brings History to Life at Morristown National Historical Park

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It’s time to get up close and personal with our nation’s first president.

Continuing the Grand Opening celebration of its Discover History Center, Morristown National Historical Park welcomes author Jeff Finegan to the Washington’s Headquarters Museum for a presentation on his I Knew George Washington book series.

Finegan will be discussing his popular historical fiction series at 1 pm on Saturday, February 24th in the park’s museum. The collection of stories on the “father of our country” are told from the perspective of historic figures who were closely associated with George Washington, and fittingly, all came to Morristown during the Winter Encampment of 1779-1780.
A Washington enthusiast for 25 years, Finegan published Colonel Washington and Me in 2012. The story follows Washington and his interactions with his enslaved valet, William Lee, who was mentioned and granted freedom in Washington’s will. While most biographies of the first president mention the bond between Washington and Lee, this is the first book told through Lee’s eyes.
Finegan’s second book, ‘Tis Well … The Life and Death of George Washington, also explores the life and legacy of our nation’s founding father, but it offers a distinctly different perspective. ‘Tis Well takes a deeper look into Washington’s family history and early development, and concentrates on the last two days of the general’s life in 1799 and his funeral. This story is told through the eyes of surgeon James Craik, who Washington met in the 1750s during the French and Indian War. The men maintained a lifelong friendship, and it was Craik who was summoned to attend to Washington in his last hours.
The final book, My Dear Général reveals the seeming father-son relationship forged between Washington and the young and vibrant French aristocrat, the Marquis de Lafayette. The orphaned Lafayette, who traveled as a young man from France to fight in the American Revolution at George Washington’s side, found fatherly qualities in the stately Virginian. In turn, it is often thought that the childless George Washington had paternal feelings toward Lafayette.
While all three books are intended for young readers, they have been meticulously researched and enthusiastically received by both the historic and literary communities. Pennsylvania artist Preston Keith Hindmarch brings the stories to life with his attractive illustrations.
Jeff Finegan is a New Jersey native and graduate of Seton Hall University. He has a wide-ranging interest in history with a concentration in George Washington. His family has a collection of Washington and early American documents, some of which appear in the books and serve to further illustrate the narrative. Jeff has appeared and spoken at many local book events as well as at Mount Vernon and Valley Forge.
Author Jeff Finegan to Speak on His Book Series
I Knew George Washington
February 24, 2018

1 pm, Saturday, February 24, 2018
Washington’s Headquarters Museum
30 Washington Place, Morristown, New Jersey 07960
FREE Admission

For more information about the event,  call 973-539-2016 ext. 260 or visit our website at www.nps.gov/morr.