Morris Museum Exhibits Work of Local High Schoolers & Explores Fashion Accessories

Courtesy of Morris Museum

Two new exhibitions have recently opened at the Morris Museum in Morristown: Fresh Perspectives, a juried exhibition for NJ high school students and Fashion Forwards: A Survey of Post WWII Fashion Accessories.

Take a look at each:

Fresh Perspectives

As a constant advocate for the engagement of youth in the arts, the Morris Museum is hosting the 29th annual Fresh Perspectives juried exhibition which provides 50 artistically accomplished New Jersey high school students a professionally organized museum exhibition.  On view through June 3, 2018, it also recognizes art teachers for their encouragement and effective teaching of these talented student artists.

Courtesy of Morris Museum

A team of esteemed jurists brought their unique perspectives to judging this exhibition:

  • Chuck Biczak, Director of Strategy, Marketing, and Communications at Canon USA
  • Dwight Hiscano, Photographer and Owner of Dwight Hiscano Gallery, Morristown, NJ
  • Alexandra Willis, Curator at the Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ

The criteria for submission of artwork was very limited and more technical than theme-based. Pieces were required to have been completed during the current school year (2017-2018) and meet specific size requirements due to museum space limitations. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, and video were all accepted if they met the listed requirements. Judges were advised to select pieces that they found were well-executed, technically impressive, unique, interesting, and or appealing, but were ultimately free to choose what they felt best fit into the spirit of the show.

Exhibited works: 

  • Man among Gods, 2017, Bergen Arts & Sciences High School
  • Hoboken, 2017, Bergen Arts & Sciences High School
  • In Bloom, 2018, Bridgewater High School
  • Growth, 2018, Bridgewater High School
  • Dragon Fly, 2018, Bridgewater High School
  • Delicate Edges, 2018, Bridgewater High School
  • Eve, 2017, Bridgewater High School
  • Mango Juice, 2018, Bridgewater High School
  • 7048 to Newark, 2017, Cranford High School
  • Flowers for Emily, 2017, Cranford High School
  • Nature Fantasy, 2017, Cranford High School
  • Free Space, 2017, Cranford High School
  • Surveillance, 2017, Cranford High School
  • When I Had Dreams, 2017, Hillsborough High School
  • In My Dreams, 2017, Leonia High School
  • Bird Earrings, 2017, Livingston High School
  • Mechanical Heart, 2017, Livingston High School
  • Jurassic Art, 2017, Livingston High School
  • Snow White, 2017, Madison High School
  • A Dress for Barbara Kruger, 2017, Madison High School
  • Gooey, 2017, Mendham High School
  • For Sam, 2017, Millburn High School
  • Being, 2017, Montville High School
  • Good Hair Day, 2018, Montville High School
  • Stripes, 2017, Montville High School
  • Labeled, 2017, Montville High School
  • Afternoon, 2017, Morristown High School
  • Man Is Shellfish, 2018, Mount Olive High School
  • Blue Dude, 2017, New Providence High School
  • Molly, 2017, New Providence High School
  • Floating, 2017, Nutley High School
  • Dots, 2017, Nutley High School
  • Koi, 2017, Oratory Prep High School
  • Peafox, 2018, Pingry School
  • Loss of Ignition, 2018, Pingry School
  • Fist, 2017, Pingry School
  • Portrait of Jake, 2017, Pingry School
  • City Wanderings, 2017, Passaic Valley High School
  • Jenny, 2017, Randolph High School
  • Celestial Girl, 2017, Randolph High School
  • Balance, 2017, Sparta High School
  • Sydney, 2017, Sparta High School
  • Centripetal Forces, 2017, Sparta
  • Hanbok, 2017, Walkill High School
  • Better Left Unsaid, 2017, Walkill High School
  • Bedazzled, 2017, Watchung High School
  • Pomegranate, 2017, Watchung High School
  • Boardwalk, 2017, Westwood High School
  • Connected, 2017, Bergenfield High School
  • Cuba, 2017, Bergenfield High School

Information about the participating artists is available upon request.

Fashion Forwards: A Survey of Post WWII Fashion Accessories

The Morris Museum is pleased to present a survey of accessories consisting of shoes, hats, gloves, jewelry, and handbags from the 1940’s – 1960’s, on view through July 22, 2018.

Courtesy of Morris Museum

What are people’s favorite accessories? What does it say about us? Fashion is more than personal taste and style. It is a reflection of a moment in time: its mood, its necessities, and its technological capabilities. Something as trivial as the outfit that is picked out each morning is ultimately determined by things as monumental as world war and social revolution. The history of the decades following World War II is stitched into the fashions of the day.

During a period in which women took on the ‘non-traditional’ roles that men typically occupied while they were in battle overseas. This era was an especially empowering time for women and the fashion trend of post WWII reflected this dynamic shift in traditional gender roles.

The evolution from wartime rationing to the experimentation of the 60s can be traced in the changing trends. Take a step back in time to survey fashion accessories of the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  

Specific information about the individual pieces in the exhibition is available upon request.